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1 March 2009

Edward Said – Orientalism

Television show on Edward Said’s (1978) Orientalism. Introduced by Sut Jhally, it explores the issues through an interview with Said.

The next three parts are posted on Notes on a field exam.

The first part is motivating me to re-read Orientalism, because I have the feeling that Jhally reads Said more “ideologically” than I did. (Although I should probably re-read before making any comment).

It is quite different to say that imperial Europeans of days gone by “produced knowledge” about what they called “the Orient” and which later became unquestionably “the Orient” (which would be my discourse theoretical position) or to say, as Jhally does, that “the way the West looks at the countries of the Middle East is through a lens that distorts the actal reality of those places and those people” (emphasis added).


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