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5 September 2008

Russia and Georgia_blogs

Blogs from across the political spectrum have been amazed at the mainstream western coverage of the conflict between Russia and Georgia. They can’t understand why on earth Russia has been getting the sole blame for the conflict, in the face of independent evidence showing a more complex picture (or giving Georgia the initiative for the escalation).

A random selection in no particular order:

John Howarth. Georgia on our minds.

Dedroidify. Russia-Georgia Media Bias.

Alex Massie. Trouble in the Caucasus.

Spindoktor: Propaganda War in the Caucasus. (German)

Ron Jacobs. Georgia and Historical Farce.

Uwe Ludwig. Do the Americans really have to destabilize the whole world…?

Alex Jones. The BBC is deliberately distorting the news from the Georgia region.

Armchair General. Western media bias regarding Russia and Georgia.

Daniel Larison. Anti-Russian Bias.

Gregory Djerejian. Georgia on my mind.


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