Democracy in America

A double move. On the one hand, the country widely lauded for protecting free speech and democracy is arresting and manhandling journalists, bloggers and videomakers — at the Republican National Convention in St. Paul, Minessota. On the other hand, that same country has one of the most active, well-developed and co-ordinated network of activists ready to stand up and do something about it. Even if the mainstream media are largely ignoring the issue.

Within 24 hours, over 35,000 people signed’s letter

to demand that press intimidation cease immediately and that all charges against the media workers be dropped.

They’re now looking to reach 50,000 signatures.


2 Comments to “Democracy in America”

  1. such an engagement in Germany would be great.
    I only know who are also very committed in online activism.

  2. We are in a fix-

    Under the Bush administration seeking redress to grievances through elected officials, first amendment basic right of all citizens, targets you for covert Ritual Abuse Trauma (R.A.T.) of progressive mutilation and violation during gassings to render you unconscious then entry to physically mutilate you progressively each day.

    This is not to protect national security, but to enforce organized crime.

    The Democrats know this and did not impeach to stop the crime wave of covert torture inside the USA. They sold the Constitution out as much as the Republicans, and the Democratic candidate will not address the crimes.

    “Preemptive arrests”, manhandling reporters, and other heavy handed abuses of power and authority are only the surface showing what is far more perverse beneath the surface of torture, mutilation, and violation of US citizens targeted for retaliations trying to make what is called “Monarch Slaves”, and Illuminati technique of whistle blowers and citizens seeking relief from abuses of public trust.

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