Russia and Georgia_Jon Stewart

Once again, I’m reassured that the best tv news is Jon Stewart’s The Daily Show. posted two clips in mid-August that are still eminently watchable (thanks to Roman for the link).

Background: Now it’s all calmed down, there seem to be four different sets of remarks which circulated about the war in the Caucasus.

  1. Strong line in Washington: Russia invaded. Georgia walked into Russian trap. Georgia is a small democratic country that needs our support (moral and military). For some reason, most western media and politicians seem to be following this line.
  2. Strong line in Moscow: Georgia attacked first, bombing Tskhinvali with heavy artillery on the night of 7-8 August. Since the vast majority of South Ossetians hold Russian Federation passports, Russia had to defend its citizens.
  3. Strong line in (western) blogs and ‘on the street’ in Berlin, Edinburgh, London: How on earth can the West be following the Washington line, and assuming that comments by Saakashvili are reliable and credible, when all the independent evidence shows that Georgia made the first serious sustained attack on South Ossetia, and that Saakashvili has exaggerated the threat from Russia and played down his own troop movements on every occasion possible? (Yes, they say, we know there were provocations from both sides – no war ever has one sole responsible party. Gordon Hahn has offered a sophisticated analysis along these lines).
  4. The Daily Show, and other commentators in the USA: Even if (1) were true, US politicians have no moral ground whatsoever to chastise Russia. Think Iraq. (Of course, Jon Stewart does it much more amusingly than me – watch the clips).

2 Comments to “Russia and Georgia_Jon Stewart”

  1. Yes, yes, yes. More productivity killing content and Jon Stewart to boot. Feed that monster. Thank you discoursology. And welcome to the blogosphere, Flyss.

  2. I was in Russia when all of this happened and was shocked when I talked to some Canadian friends to hear that they all think Russia is the agressor! I suppose it’s hard to really know who is really doing the brainwashing – Russia or all the countries that want to make it look like the biggest ass, but I think listening to stories of witnesses (which all support theory 2) we can make an intelligent opinion…

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