Kulturportal Russland

With thanks to Kulturportal-Russland.de, some tips for Russophiles in Berlin. All of which I’d want to see/participate in if I had time.

Discussion: Media in today’s Russia. Russisches Haus. Friedrichstr. 176. Organised by Berliner Freunde der Völker Russlands e.V.
17.09.2008 (5.30pm)

Cinema: Kawkaskij plennik – Gefangen im Kaukasus. Directed by Sergey Bodrov. Kino Krokodil.
08.09.2008 – 10.09.2008 (10pm)

Theatre: Tagebuch eines Wahnsinnigen (Nikolai Gogol). Deutsches Theater.
10.09.2008 (8pm), 15.09.2008 (8pm), 18.09.2008 (8pm)

Opera: Der Spieler (Prokofiev, after Dostoevsky). Staatsoper.
9.09.2008 (8pm), 11.09.2008 (8pm), 19.09.2008 (8pm)


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