Community Radio in Europe

Conference Announcement: Community Radio in Europe: Broadcasting on the Edge.

When: 11-14 December 2008

Where: Hôtel Caro, Bucharest, Romania

Aims: To support the development of citizens’ radio across Europe, especially East and Central Europe. In discoursology terms, the aims are to find strategies to increase the ability of citizen’s radio to shift discursive conventions and the hegemonic narration of global events. This includes not only extending the reach of community radio to a broader community, but also emphasising the democratising potential for the participants involved in jointly producing community radio.

The organisers, the World Association of Community Radio Broadcasters, AMARC, say:

The event will offer an opportunity for almost one hundred community radio  broadcasters from more than 30 countries across Europe to meet and develop strategies to strengthen community radio across the region, particularly in Central and Eastern Europe.

The conference draws its theme – Broadcasting on the Edge – from the fact that the community radio sector is too often marginalized or even illegal in parts of Europe. It is unable to operate successfully in a number of countries because those countries have incomplete legal and statutory frameworks, thus leaving community radio in limbo.


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