Should Russia trust the West?

This should prove provocative. has republished Stanislav Mishin’s list of sixteen reasons why Russia should never trust the West. Full details available on his blog Mat Rodina. All the key words are included: Putin, Georgia, Islam, Taliban, Bush, Chechnya, Berezovsky, Khodorkovsky, oil, Kasparov, economy, democracy, Orthodoxy, Nazis, bombs…

  1. The West raped Russia
  2. The West supported Yeltsin as he massacred Parliament
  3. The West backed Chechen and other separatist elements
  4. The West expanded an alliance to include all of the Warsaw pact and parts of the former Soviet Union
  5. The West bombed Russia’s closest ally Serbia
  6. The West back every Jihad aimed at Orthodox Christians
  7. The West over threw Russia’s allies and set up puppet Socialist regimes
  8. The West actively supported sellout candidates in Russia with illegally given financial aid and revolutionary training
  9. The West financed the National Bolshevik (Socialist) Workers’ Party aka Nazis in Russia
  10. The West tore up its military agreements as soon as they became inconvenient
  11. The West stopped Russia from bombing the Taliban and gave them money…that is until the Taliban helped attack the West
  12. The West took Russia’s aid in the WOT, in Central Asia and in usual Western gratitude, tried to oust Russia from the area
  13. The West is putting missile interceptor silos that could as easily hold short range ballistic nuclear missiles right on Russia’s doorstep
  14. The West tried and failed to take control of Russian key oil resources and in revenge has waged a non-stop propaganda war against Russia for 7 years
  15. The West gives regular asylum to Islamic Jihadists wanted by Russia and to Russian criminals and criminal oligarchs while demanding Russia hand over her citizens on trumped up charges (extradition is illegal under the Russian constitution…not that laws matter to the West)
  16. The West despises Russian patriotism and Christianity and works hard to crush both

More recent post on Mat Rodina, in a similar style: The Global Credit Panic Is Russia’s Chance to Reverse the Status of Colony.

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