Critical Discourse Studies 5(4)

“Class and discourse” is the focus of the new issue of Critical Discourse Studies (Volume 5, Issue 4) is now available online. Abstracts – where available – are linked below:

Renewing an academic interest in structural inequalities
Pages 281 – 287
Authors: David Machin; John E. Richardson

The denial of class struggle by British Governments in their anti-union discourse (1978–2007), Pages 289 – 301
Author: Claudia Ortu

Urbanisation: Discourse class gender in mid-Victorian photographs of maids – reading the archive of Arthur J. Munby
Pages 303 – 317
Author: Sarah Edge

(Mis)recognition and the middle-class/bourgeois gaze: A case study of Wife Swap
Pages 319 – 330
Author: Samantha. A. Lyle

Doing class: A discursive and ethnomethodological approach
Pages 331 – 343
Author: C. M. Scharff

‘Underclass’ and ‘ordinary people’ discourses: Representing/re-presenting council tenants in a housing campaign
Pages 345 – 357
Author: Paul Watt

A war on the poor: Constructing welfare and work in the twenty-first century
Pages 359 – 370
Author: Greg Marston


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