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3 November 2008

Auditory Warnings

If you have a moment to explore one of today’s (many) contradictions, turn off the mute on your computer, and go to Auditory Warnings, an audio-video web project by John Wynne. A beautifully calm piece –which picks up urgency as it goes — Auditory Warnings plays with the increasing amount of buzzing and beeping in our everyday environments, and how this has destabilized hegemonic notions of peace, quiet, danger, warning and silence.

John Wynne is one of the featured artists at Viva Viva, an exhibition opening 8 December at P3, one of the gallery spaces associated with the University of Westminster in London. Viva Viva is:

the first celebration of a decade of completed audio-visual practice based doctorates [AVPhDs] from all over the UK. An innovative exhibition that includes multi and interdisciplinary single-screen works and installations that draw from cultural studies, fine art, anthropology, film and new media (scroll down for showcased researchers). These diverse critical works will be presented together with their written theses.

Opening night: Monday 8th December, 6.30pm-9.30pm. With live VJing, DJing and a performance by AVPhD researcher Anita Ponton.

More on John Wynne at

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3 November 2008


An exciting new international discourse project is picking up speed, aiming to establish and expand possibilities for international and/or interdisciplinary research and exchange.

A wiki in three languages, (English), (German) and (French: coming soon) promises to be a dynamic research portal. It offers not only conference announcements, calls for papers, and details of new discourse related publications, but also — in true wiki fashion — the opportunity to actively co-create the websites. Users can set up a page with details on their own research interests, link to other members, and scan for active researchers in, say, political science, sociology, education, literature, anthropology, social work, history, psychology, media studies or linguistics. Also, groups working on one specific area or on a particular project can set up an “internal area” (only accessible to members with passwords) to work together in wiki-style.

The websites have been set up on the initiative of the currently very active group MeMeDA – a network funded by the DFG (German Research Foundation) to explore current work on the “Methods and Methodologies of Discourse Analysis”. And –disclaimer — I am currently recovering from a very intensive, productive and convivial working weekend where further details of the MeMeDA project have been taking shape. Updates to follow…

Silvio Gesell Seminar House, at which future MeMeDA plans were hatched.