Educational discourse

Wade Tillet has challenged hegemonic educational discourse (articulated not only in language but also in testing practices) by calling a ‘Bubble (Pro)test Press Conference‘ in Chicago. He is opting his third grade child out of the Illinois Standards Achievement Test (ISAT). Learning is about more than filling in bubbles in standardised tests, he says.

You can’t measure learning, creativity, or anything else of real value with bubbles. Because of this fact, the current ideology that makes use of bubble tests dumbs down what is taught, limits creativity, encourages competition between peers, penalizes students, teachers, and schools, and focuses on students’ “weaknesses” instead of their myriad strengths

…bubble pic from tvbythenumbers.


3 Comments to “Educational discourse”

  1. please remove my picture from your site. Thank you

  2. oops. s_he.
    but sweetheart, you wouldn’t have even known i had linked to the picture if i hadn’t included a link to your site. am certainly more a fan of copylefts myself… (cc)

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