On violence, Gaza and Israel

I wonder how Slavoi Zizek is reacting to the crisis in Gaza, and to the commentariats’ various positions of outrage at the violence? In a recent issue of Naked Punch Simon Critchley takes issue with Zizek taking issue with Critchley’s ideas on violence and non-violence in Infinitely Demanding. Interesting article, albeit very irritating use of internet scrolling on the Naked Punch website (if you go ‘full screen’, you can see the pages turning).

Critchley summarises Zizek’s take on violence as:

Our subjective outrage at the facts of violence — a suicide bombing, a terrorist attack, the assassination of a semingly innocent political figure — blinds us to the objective violence of the world, a violence where we are perpetrators and not just innocent bystanders. All we see are apparently inexplicable acts of violence that disturb the supposed peace and normal flow of everyday life. We consistently overlook the objective or what Zizek calls “systemic” violence that is endemic to our socio-economic order.

Polemic moment: In response to Zizek’s suggestion that sometimes the most violent thing to do is to to nothing, Critchley calls Zizek “a Slovenian Hamlet, utterly paralyzed but dreaming of an avenging violent act, for which, finally, he lacks the courage.”

…from Marco.


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