Homecoming Scotland

BBC World reports this morning on tonight’s 250th anniversary of Scottish poet Robert Burns, and the festivities kicking off “Homecoming Scotland 2009”, an initiative to attract more tourists to Scotland. The BBC adds:

For some, there is a niggling doubt that the SNP will use the Homecoming year to promote its own version of Scottish nationalism.

My goodness, that is a surprise. Who’d have thought that the Scottish National Party would use a celebration of Scottish nationalism to promote Scottish nationalism.

Photo from BBC

Photo from BBC


3 Comments to “Homecoming Scotland”

  1. Here are 2 of his unknown poems:
    Thanksgiving for a National Victory

    By Robert Burns

    Ye hypocrites ! are those your pranks?
    To murder men and give God thanks !
    Desist, for shame! –
    proceed no further;
    God won’t accept your thanks for
    murder !

    I murder hate

    I murder hate by flood or field,
    tho’ glory’s name may screen us;
    In wars at home I’ll spend my blood –
    Life-giving wars of Venus.
    The deities that I adore
    Are social Peace and Plenty;
    I’m better pleased to make one more,
    Than be the death of twenty.

    I would not die like Socrates,
    For all the fuss of Plato;
    Nor would I with Leonidas,
    Nor yet would I with Cato:
    The zealots of the Church and State
    Shall ne’er my mortal foes be;
    But let me have bold Zimri’s fate,
    Within the arms of Cozbi !

    Best wishes

  2. when talking about poets and burns, never forget barry burns and his collective of poets that are mogwai. “what would you do if you saw spaceships over glasgow?” still a valid question indeed.

  3. Returned from North America (USA and Canada) last month, where, I regret to report, their priorities are of the rather more down-to-earth and mundane variety, rather than rampant nostalgia. Ex-Pats and general Scots diaspora have expressed the view that compared with Australia, New Zealand and NUSA very little money and even less effort put into promoting the Scottish ‘HameComin’, not to mention the embarasing debacle over ‘Tartan Week’. Being qualified in tourism I know that what we presented is at best unimpressive, at worst embarassingly inadequate … When it comes to nostalgia versus patriotism, my money is on patriotism to win everytime. We need to clean up not only our ‘act’ but our country, if we are to compete effectively in the high quality tourist market.

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