“Race” and anti-racism in academia

I’m pondering the term “race”. Something disturbs me when scholars of an anti-racist (or critical race theory) persuasion continue to use the term “race”. Does using the term — no matter how critically — and arguing, for instance, for improved “race relations”, not still reify the concept, and suggest that there really are different races?

So, first I assume that anti-racist scholars agree there is no scientific way to clearly define and demarcate separate “races”. The question then is how to describe and combat the undeniable phenomena of both explosive/hot and structural/systemic “racism”. In what terms?

One suggestion is “racialised” – to foreground the argument that this concept is a construct. And to foreground that precisely because it is a construct, it has strong power to marginalise, exclude and discriminate.


…pic from nicholson.


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