Alternative Media and Resistance

In my search for politically and/or medially useful research (the pragmatic streak in me is growing stronger by the day), I happened upon an announcement for the book Alternative Media and the Politics of Resistance: Perspectives and Challenges, edited by Mojca Pajnik and John D. H. Downing (Peace Institute, 2008).

untitledThe book looks to be a wide range of both theoretical and more situated, analytical chapters, in which authors get to grips with what they call “nano-media.”  Contributors “discuss different “nano-media” forms and practices, which surface as tellers of truth, which serve as sites for fresh interpretations of our realities, and which often disrupt the frames and conventions of mainstream mediated communication.”

And after disrupting the frames and conventions of mainstream media, it seems to me that a signal strength of researching alternative media — or the fissures in the media — is to explore the possibilities to construct new frames and conventions in order to strengthen the politics of resistance.


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