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23 May 2009


Interesting talk at Birkbeck yesterday by Sigal Ben-Porath on citizenship and citizenship education. Is it, she was asking, more a matter of “identity”, i.e. vertical identification with the nation or state; prioritising beliefs and attitudes, and implying an exclusory attachment to particular symbolic forms? Or is it more or more a matter of what she termed “shared fate”, i.e. horizontal affiliations and connections with other individuals; prioritising actions, shared histories and institutions and the shared project of definining attachments, and implying a pluralist step beyond “community cohesion”?

Mex vs. BC (Born Citizen) also take a look at these two understandings:

…the latino comedy project

15 May 2009

Political / gas satire in Russia

And they say political satire in Russia is dead..

Option 1: it never died.

Option 2: it has been resurrected under Medvedev

…video thanks to oldag