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23 March 2010

Laclau and contingency

Ernesto Laclau talks to the Greek journal Intellectum about the uses of populism, why radical democracy has nothing to do with liberalism, and how lack of political competition benefits the far-Right.

…with thanks to Hanna for the link.

21 March 2010

Dialogue Berlin

Dialogue Berlin: café culture, literature, English-language books and magazines, modern English tearoom setting, literary evenings and events, reading groups, readings for children, a book-doctor service and much more…

And part of the much more is the appearance of two excellent poets on Thursday 25 March 2010 at 7 pm: Peter Riley and Alistair Noon.

Peter Riley is widely regarded as one of the most important British poets writing today. Born in 1940 near Manchester, he has published books of poetry with, among others, Carcanet and Shearsman, most recently Greek Passages (Shearsman, 2009). His work has been described as “an extraordinary poetry, one which takes the techniques of modernism to almost a certain limit, yet retains the entire lyric and emotional intensity of the English tradition” (Mark Scroggins). As well as poetry, he has written studies of improvised music, lead mines, burial mounds and Transylvanian string bands.

Alistair Noon reads from his latest chapbook, In People’s Park, as well as from forthcoming publications. Founder of Poetry Hearings, Berlin’s annual English-language poetry festival, he has played an active role in the Anglophone literary scene of the city over the last few years. “I don’t know any poet who flies about so carefreely, never alighting in the pigeonhole for long enough to become ringed” (Giles Goodland).

Entrance €5. RSVP to events(at)

Dialogue Berlin @ Christinenstraße 27, 10119 Berlin, Germany, Telephone +49 (0) 30 8310 4553

5 March 2010

Lacan in Vienna

More from Radical Reason & Materialism

Conference in German on Lacan, 27 March 2010. Vienna.

Gebarrte Logik: Erste Wiener Konferenz zu Signifikantenlogik und Lacan.

4 March 2010

Discourse Theory vs Critical Realism

The full (edited) text of a debate between Ernesto Laclau and Roy Bhaskar, held at the University of Essex some years ago, is available online.

…tip from Radical Reason & Materialism.

2 March 2010


Accusations are all you need to get into the mainstream news media apparently.

Can you believe what our Prime Minister did with a tangerine?

But can you believe that my phone call ended up in the Financial Times? And on the BBC show The Bubble (14 mins 15 secs in to be precise). And The Telegraph and The Sun. And animated by a Hong Kong news channel…

And it’s on wikipedia. So is Robert Popper a media hoax genius or is he hoaxing us that he hoaxed the media — is he actually simply a fan trying to renew Gordon Brown’s image?

Thanks to Nick for the tip.

1 March 2010


Science is blogging. In English and in German. On science, ethics, politics, culture, education… News story on Telepolis.

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