Hegemony in Organisation and Management Studies

A fantastic collection of links is included in this course outline from 2006. The Organisation of Hegemony at the Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul (UFRGS), Brasil. Guest course tutor: Steffen Böhm (University of Essex, UK).

This course engages with a particular body of socio-political theory which has been rather underexposed in organisation and management studies; that of the Argentinean political theorist, Ernesto Laclau. Laclau is most famous for his book Hegemony and Socialist Strategy (co-authored with Chantal Mouffe), which could be regarded as one of the most important post-Marxist texts written in the past twenty years. This course will closely read this book and the subsequent work of Laclau within the wider tradition of progressive socio-political theory while focussing on its implications for the discourse of organisation and management studies (OMS). ‘Reading’ here means that we will not simply incorporate Laclau into OMS; on the contrary, we will read Laclau against the contemporary hegemonic discourse of OMS and vice versa. Reading is a praxis of translation as well as one of critique, and in this way this course aims to contribute to a project of re-reading organisation and management studies through the lens of Laclau’s project.

Looks like a good place to start looking for recent research for all those working in OMS and interested in discourse, hegemony and other post-structuralist appraoches.


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