Foucault in Aachen

…or rather: Craig Mulholland working on Foucault’s theories of power in “Fragments of Machines” at the NAK (Neuer Aachener Kunstverein) from 29 May.

Craig Mulholland (GB) trained as a painter but his practice encompasses sculpture, installation and film making, addressing themes of alienation and complicity in the contemporary cultural economy. ‘The dominant concerns within Mulholland’s recent work have centred on Foucauldian theories of power – “the political dream of the plague […] the penetration of regulation into even the smallest details of everyday life”.’

‘Fragments of Machines’ is a group exhibition of painting, sculpture, textiles and video work by five contemporary artists based in Glasgow, Berlin, New York and Paris, alongside a rare screening of Lillian Schwartz’s seminal computer-animated 16mm film ‘Googolplex’, made in 1972.

Curated by Will Bradley. Featuring Tauba Auerbach, Claire Fontaine, Travis Meinolf, Craig Mulholland, Lillian Schwartz, Hayley Tompkins

Party “Body Xerox”, 29 May, 11pm.

…image: “Anger Management (2008) by Craig Mulholland


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