Digital Icons

Issue 3 of Digital Icons: Studies in Russian, Eurasian and Central European New Media is now available online.

Between Big Brother and the Digital Utopia: e-Governance in Post-Totalitarian Space

This issue of Digital Icons explores the practice of e-participation and e-governance in post-Soviet, post-communist countries, focusing on three main geographical areas, Central Europe (Slovakia), Russia, and Central Asia. The use of information and communications technology to overcome traditional difficulties associated with the interaction of the state and its citizens represents a double-edged sword in post-totalitarian space. For many, the coming of digitized governance heralds an end to needless bureaucracy, countless hours wasted in queues, and access to hitherto unavailable government services. For others, however, the expansion of the state into the virtual realm is a harbinger of a dystopian future where the panopticon is always watching, and even the most private thoughts of citizens are monitored and recorded by the state. This issue of Digital Icons aims to examine the inherent tension between these two extremes.

3.0 Editorial (Vlad Strukov)

3.1 State of Ambivalence: Turkmenistan in the Digital Age (Annasoltan)

3.2 E-government and Transparency in Authoritarian Regimes (Erica Johnson and Beth E. Kolko)

3.3 Citizens Speak Out: Public e-Engagement Experience of Slovakia (Anton Shynkaruk)

3.4 Digital Citizenship and the Future of the Discipline (Interview with Stephen Coleman) (Vlad Strukov)

3.5 Cultural Citizenship in the Television/New Media Interface (Sudha Rajagopalan)

3.6 ‘Electronic Russia’: Reality or (Empty) Promises? (Interview with Ivan Ninenko) (Polina Baigarova)

3.7 Reports and Commentaries

3.8 Book Reviews

The full issue is available online on in English, German and Russian.


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