New issue of Surveillance & Society (Vol 8, No 1; 2010), the international, interdisciplinary, open access, peer-reviewed journal of surveillance studies, is now available online.


  • Governing with Clean Hands: Automated Public Toilets and Sanitary Surveillance (Irus Braverman)
  • ‘Wanna still nine hard?’: Exploring Mechanisms of Police Bias in the Translation and Interpretation of Wiretap Conversations (Samuel Nunn)
  • The Rise of the Fusion-Intelligence Complex: A critique of political surveillance after 9/11 (Anthony Bolton Newkirk)
  • The Politics of Surveillance: Big Brother on Prozac (Stuart Waiton)

Opinion / Research Notes

  • Violence and Surveillance: Some Unintended Consequences of CCTV Monitoring within Mental Health Hospital Wards (Suki Desai)
  • Under-explored Threats to Privacy: See-Through-Wall Technologies and Electro-Magnetic Radiations (Vanmala Hiranandan)

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