Citizenship row in the UK

Once again, the curriculum is the site of emotional debates about what counts as “vital knowledge”, what kinds of memories, experiences, practices, stories, etc. “we” (who?) should be sharing.

On Thursday, Michael Grove, Conservative Education Minister, launched a review of the English national curriculum. There are concerns about what would follow forpolitical participation if Citizenship is no longer be a mandatory subject.

Two sides (both from The Guardian). In the red corner,

Last month, ministers unveiled which subjects would make up part of the new English baccalaureate qualification: maths, English, science, foreign languages and a humanity, such as history or geography. Gove has said that his intention is to “restore the national curriculum to its original purpose – a core national entitlement organised around subject disciplines”.

And in the blue corner,

Andy Thornton, chief executive of the Citizenship Foundation, said […] cutting citizenship would mean a return to “an era where only the privileged few will learn about how our democracy works, how laws are made, where our taxes go, and how they can make a difference in their communities”.

Check also the heated online comments reacting to the Guardian’s stories.


2 Comments to “Citizenship row in the UK”

  1. Yes, this is a very tuoghht-provoking post! I enjoy your working of these ideas. I do agree that the themes get more complex over time as we contemplate them. And we need to be careful to use “language” carefully.Still student-centered learning can never be wrong, and if that is Personalized Learning, I am in favor!

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