New design

Inspired by research on textbooks. Indeed. One of the core scholarly insights I was often told when hanging out at the educational publishers in Germany was that research had shown the optimal length of a line of print. So that school children can comfortably read the text, take in the information, and reflect/critically appraise or whatever their particular task is.

Now I have finally found an article which argues this. It’s all about the “three-second-rule”.

Apparently, the brain has a three-second window which typography should make the most of. The eye should be able to take in the whole line in under 3 seconds. Textbooks in particular, writes the author, don’t adhere to this three-second-rule. Nor did this blog until I changed the design today.

Thanks to Robert Maier for the reference: Ernst Pöppel: Was geschieht beim Lesen? In: APuZ (Aus Politik und Zeitgeschichte) 42-43/2009, S. 45

(Check Ernst Pöppel’s very amusing, informative and entirely subversive Personal Publication Platform.)


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