London vs. Moscow

I can’t stop the “imagine this is Russia” thing going through my head. The police are announcing they will act “robustly”, including bringing in water cannons and rubber bullets; police officers all over the city questioning young people about what/who they know; possibility of night curfew being brought in; apparently 333 deaths in police custody since 1998 and not one police officer convicted.

And very very little talk in major news media of exclusions, inequality, racism, cutbacks, etc. Instead, lots of individualising/personalising talk instead about “bad parenting”.

Imagine this was Russia. What would the UK media be reporting? Strong hand tactics of the police. Soviet-style clamp down. Medvedev (or more likely: Putin) rolling back democracy – no-one listening to citizens voice their greivances and/or a generation disenfranchised by the nation’s anti-democratic policies, thus they have turned to violence as the only way of being heard.



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