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24 September 2011

Twitter @discoursology

At least one of the Berlin-based discoursologists is now able to communicate in less than 140 characters…. @discoursology #discourse #media #ethnography #russia #theory

22 September 2011

Making bankers human

A Dutch anthropologist explores London city bankers. Blog at The Guardian.

19 September 2011

Deepest darkest Austria. An ethnography

Brilliant. I think I might take up culturalbytes teaching tip:

I am now assigning Walter Wippersberg’s 1994 Film, Dunkles, Rätselhaftes Österreich Dark, Mysterious Austria, to all my students! If you teach qualitative methods, consider including this in your syllabus.

Produced for Austria’s SBS-TV, this films poks fun at old-school ethnography from anthropologists and the National Geographic-esque like exposes on the exotic Africans and South American natives.

“A team of the All African Television network wanders into the darkest regions of the Eastern Alps. They observe the habits and rituals of the natives and make not one, but two ethnological major break-through discoveries.” IMDB

badethnography tell us that at

“At 5:40, we learn that the team has disproved the theory that Europeans are monogamous; starting at about 7:50, they describe the elaborate costumes and militaristic symbolism of clans of the Tyrol region of Austria; and at 15:00, there’s a great discussion of the curious obsession with “patently useless activities,” such as biking for no other purpose than biking itself.

Aside from the humorous commentary, it’s a great way of illustrating the sociological imagination,  which requires us to step out of our own culture and try to look at it through the eyes of an outsider — and, as C. Wright Mills put it, to recapture the ability to be astonished by what we normally take for granted.”

via badethnography via culturalbytes

19 September 2011

Pirates: Redistributing the sensible

The Piraten Partei, with their 8.9% results in the Berlin election, have already massively reconfigured what counts as politics and election issues. Now they’re tweeting on what the other side of the camera looks like.

“Ein neues Blickregime” said a Berlin-based discoursologist.

2 September 2011

CDA and education

Rebecca Rogers’ Introduction to Critical Discourse Analysis in Education is out in a new, revised, updated second edition. This edition includes chapters by James Paul Gee, Norman Fairclough and Gunther Kress. The richly resourced companion website (Routledge website) offers chapter abstracts, discussion guides for the chapters, and interviews with Gee, Fairclough and Kress. A real gem is the video page, including clips with Chouliaraki, van Dijk, Martín Roja, and van Leeuwen discussing among other things the future of critical discourse analysis and discourse studies.

2 September 2011

Rising powers

No more old-fashioned talk of “developed” and “developing” countries. China and India now categorised as “rising powers“.

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