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24 September 2011

Twitter @discoursology

At least one of the Berlin-based discoursologists is now able to communicate in less than 140 characters…. @discoursology #discourse #media #ethnography #russia #theory

2 July 2011

Jon Stewert a discoursologist

On yesterday’s Daily Show (Thurs 30. June 2011), Jon Stewart commented on one story: “I used to think reality shapes politics, now it’s clear: politics shapes reality.” Dynamic critical journalism meets discourse theory.

18 April 2011

Civil discourse and social change

Students and faculty at California State University at Northridge have been organising campus-wide activities, public events, workshops, films and more und the heading “civil discourse and social change“. Addressing concerns about the state budget crisis/increasing tuition, immigration issues, and the ongoing wars, the initiative began 2010 and runs till the end of this semester.

6 January 2011

Sarrazin “statistically illiterate”

Finally, a major story in a major German newspaper which contests Thilo Sarrazin’s argument about Germany becoming increasingly stupid because more stupid people, especially Muslim immigrants, are having more children than university educated white non-Muslims (yes, he really does argue that).

Der Tagesspiegel quotes Hans Wolfgang Brachinger who sees “statistical illiteracy” at work in the whole Sarrazin debate. Not only Sarrazin but also the journalists and critics commenting on the book have no idea how to interpret the statistics.

Texts on the topic, offering an alternative reading of the statistics, via Der Tagesspiegel (in German):

The German blogs, of course, said all this back in September (e.g. nachdenkseiten, spiegelfechter, bildblog, and my favourite blog post on this: at weissgarnix)

14 December 2010


How’s this for a perfect example of entextualization – the decontextualization of discourse from one location and its decontextualization in another; sure to remind many of the practices of media production! (Refs for entextualization including Bauman, Briggs and Silverstein here).

In the beginning was the Plan, and then the Program; And the Plan was without form, and the Program was void;

And Darkness was upon the faces of the professors; And they spake unto the Associate Dean, saying “It is a Crock of Shit, and it stinks”;

And the Associate Dean went unto the Dean, and he spake unto him saying, “It is a Crock of Faeces, and non may abide the Odour thereof;

And the Dean went unto the Vice President, and he spake unto him saying, “It is a Container of Excrement, and it is very strong, such that none may abide before it;

And the Vice President went unto the President, and he spake unto him saying, “It is a Vessel of Fertiliser, and none may abide its strength;

And the President went unto the Vice Chancellor, and he spake unto him saying, “It containeth that which aids Plant Growth, and it is very strong;

And the Vice Chancellor went unto the Chancellor, and he spake unto him saying, “It promoteth growth, and it is very powerful;

And the Chancellor went unto the Board of Regents, and he spake unto them saying, “This potent and vigorous Plan will promote the Growth of the University;

And the Board looked upon the Plan, and saw that it was good, and ordered its Implementation forthwith.

…via the sysfunc email list…

6 October 2010

Critique and Decolonization

4 October 2010

Underground City 21

A Discourse Programme at the Theater Nestroyhof Hamakom in Vienna. From 5 to 9 October.

[E] The Fragmented City and the Disappearance of Public Space

Along the course of the simulated Underground City 21 in Vienna we will be meeting guests with special knowledge in talks, at-table-situations and lecture performances. This is part of a discourse programme that takes place over the course of the period. More extensive talks and lectures are taking place at the larger meeting points, Theater Nestroy Hof and Lab Factory.

The Forum Discours-Dramaturgy had its first public appearance at Volksbühne Berlin and is being hosted in Vienna for the first time, moderated by Natalie Driemeyer and Jan Deck.

22 September 2010

initiative critical psychology

…an interesting blog for critical discursive psychologists:

initiative critical psychology.

and i found them through facebook…

9 September 2010

Surveys creating fear?

I’m on the search for “fissures” and ruptures in hegemonic formations at the moment – especially in the news media. And they’re not that difficult to find, for instance tonight at about 7.45pm on the RBB’s Abendschau (evening news on the regional tv for Berlin and Brandenburg). The news reader reported on a recent survey of what Berliners are afread of. Near the top, we have overburdened politicians and natural catastrophes.

Apparently 38 % are afraid of “tensions with foreigners”. (Again, I should recall that “foreigners” [Ausländer] refers in Germany to ethnic minorities or people with migration backgrounds, rather than, say, tourists.)

Watching this, the Berliner discoursologists started to gripe about surveys which include that sort of question, thereby suggesting to respondents that they should prioritize “tensions with foreigners” as one possible thing to fear.

But then, the newsreader moved on to the next question and made precisely the same point himself. A following story was about fatal accidents involving trams. The newsreaders lead into the story, linking it to the last one by saying:

We mentioned Berliners’ fears earlier. Maybe fear of the trams should have been included in the list. Because if we were afraid of them, then perhaps we would pay more attention to them and we here in the Abendschau wouldn’t have to report so often about tragic accidents.

(Von den Ängsten der Berliner war vorhin bei uns die Rede. Vielleicht sollte auf die Liste auch die Angst vor der Straßenbahn. Weil wenn wir Angst vor ihr hätten, dann würden wir vielleicht besser auf sie aufpassen und dann müssten wir in der Abendschau nicht immer wieder über tragische Unfälle berichten. [listen here)

So, meta-reflection on the constitutive function of survey questions which create fear. On RBB’s Abendschau. If that’s not a fissure in prevailing common-sense…

27 June 2010

Discourse analysis at Peter Lang

Peter Lang publishers have a new series on discourse analysis. No books yet. Edited by Rita Kirk.