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18 November 2008

Wiki of the day

Actually, two wikis of the day. The first, Volxbibel, in German; the second, CivilMedia, in English.

On Volxbibel users democratically re-write/re-translate the bible. The wiki is a workplace where each text can be edited and re-edited. After theologists and teachers have a look at the results of the various versions, a book is then published. Third version (3.0) is now on sale.

The Civil Media wiki covers the Civilmedia08 conference in Salzburg from 3-5 December 2008. “Cultures – Participation – Dialogue” invites media activists, practitioners, researchers, policy makers, community development workers and all interested to Salzburg to discuss the importance of communicty/grassroots/citizen’s/civil media, with a specific focus on intercultural dialogue in Europe.

5 October 2008

Community Radio in Europe

Conference Announcement: Community Radio in Europe: Broadcasting on the Edge.

When: 11-14 December 2008

Where: Hôtel Caro, Bucharest, Romania

Aims: To support the development of citizens’ radio across Europe, especially East and Central Europe. In discoursology terms, the aims are to find strategies to increase the ability of citizen’s radio to shift discursive conventions and the hegemonic narration of global events. This includes not only extending the reach of community radio to a broader community, but also emphasising the democratising potential for the participants involved in jointly producing community radio.

The organisers, the World Association of Community Radio Broadcasters, AMARC, say:

The event will offer an opportunity for almost one hundred community radio  broadcasters from more than 30 countries across Europe to meet and develop strategies to strengthen community radio across the region, particularly in Central and Eastern Europe.

The conference draws its theme – Broadcasting on the Edge – from the fact that the community radio sector is too often marginalized or even illegal in parts of Europe. It is unable to operate successfully in a number of countries because those countries have incomplete legal and statutory frameworks, thus leaving community radio in limbo.

22 September 2008

Save the internet

More news and action from This time the issue is access to the internet in the US. Empty space (‘white space’) between TV channels could easily be used to connect millions of people to the internet. The Federal Communications Commission has already tested how mobile wireless devices can use empty portions of the public airwaves – that is, those broadcast spaces that were established to avoid interference between channels, and which are now, with today’s technology, no longer necessary. According to Timothy Carr, in a recent email sent to the freepress email list, adding your name to their campaign could support widespread internet access through these white spaces.

The technology exists to do just that. But a powerful corporate lobby is standing in the way with a multimillion-dollar misinformation campaign aimed at Rep. Jerrold Nadler .

Washington faces a critical choice: Use new technology to open the Internet for everyone, or side with the lobbyists and prevent millions from getting connected. Help Rep. Nadler make the right decision:

Tell Rep. Nadler : Open the Internet for Everyone

The latest front in the battle over the future of the Internet is about “white spaces” — empty frequencies between TV channels on the public airwaves. New technology can open this unused spectrum to powerful high-speed Internet services, bringing ubiquitous and affordable broadband to millions of Americans now left off the grid.

Here’s the problem: The National Association of Broadcasters and cell phone companies want to hoard this publicly owned resource. Their lobbyists have been blitzing Washington with misinformation to prevent white spaces from being used to benefit millions of people.

Too many Americans have been left on the wrong side of the digital divide — sidelined in a nation that increasingly demands high-speed Internet access to get things done, keep up in school and find out what’s happening in the world. The answer to this problem is right in front of us.

Take Action: Open White Spaces for Everyone

If you sign the letter, we promise to hand deliver it next week to Rep. Nadler . A second copy will go to the Federal Communications Commission, which oversees spectrum policy.

Unless we urge Congress and the FCC to open up white spaces, Rep. Nadler could side with the lobbyists and deny us one of our last, best opportunities to build a better Internet.

It’s a familiar story. Big media companies use any means possible to squash new ideas that threaten their control over information.

With your help today, we can stop them and open up the Internet for everyone.

Thank you,

Timothy Karr
Campaign Director
Free Press

1. Learn more about white spaces

2. Read Free Press Campaign Coordinator Megan Tady’s recent article ‘Wireless to the people’ about the opportunities this campaign presents.

3. Read the New America Foundation’s report about the revolutionary potential of ‘white space devices (pdf).

10 September 2008


play08 Potsdam – Workshops // Creative Gaming Lab // Exhibition
17.-20. September 2008 // Schaufenster der FH Potsdam

Creative Gaming Lab is organising four days of workshops, activities and discussions for young people and teachers to explore the potentials of computer games. Here’s their description:

In den ein- und zweitägigen Workshops lernen Schüler/innen und Pädagog/innen, was man mit Computerspielen, neben dem Spielen, sonst noch machen kann. Die Regeln werden geändert und das Spiel wird zum Spielzeug. Einen Film drehen in einem Computerspiel, ein eigenes Spiel entwickeln oder nach der Verbindung von virtueller und realer Welt suchen – das alles ist während der Workshops möglich. Die SchülerInnen lernen für bekannte Spiele neue Nutzungsmöglichkeiten, während die Lehrer/innen erfahren, wie sich die Programme im Unterricht einsetzen lassen. Die Workshops werden als Lehrerfortbildung anerkannt. Die Teilnahme an den Workshops kostet 5 EUR pro Person, zahlbar vor Ort. Das Werkstattgespräch ist für alle interessierten PädagogInnen offen. Außer den angekündigten Workshops wird es am Do., 18. September ein Werkstattgespräch des geben. Die Workshopplätze sind begrenzt. Veranstaltungsort: Schaufenster FH Potsdam, Friedrich-Ebert-Straße 4, 14467 Potsdam.

Um Anmeldung wird gebeten unter: e-Mail: info…(at)…, Andreas Hedrich, jaf – Junger Arbeitskreis Film und Video e.V., fon. 0172 928 03 76 oder auf

4 September 2008

Democracy in America

A double move. On the one hand, the country widely lauded for protecting free speech and democracy is arresting and manhandling journalists, bloggers and videomakers — at the Republican National Convention in St. Paul, Minessota. On the other hand, that same country has one of the most active, well-developed and co-ordinated network of activists ready to stand up and do something about it. Even if the mainstream media are largely ignoring the issue.

Within 24 hours, over 35,000 people signed’s letter

to demand that press intimidation cease immediately and that all charges against the media workers be dropped.

They’re now looking to reach 50,000 signatures.

2 September 2008

Amy Goodman arrested

Amy Goodman – host of Democracy Now! – and other journalists and photographers were arrested in St. Paul yesterday, as they were covering protests at the (US) Republican National Convention. (Update: seems Goodman and Democracy Now! producers Sharif Abdel Kouddous and Nicole Salazar have been released)
FreePress has a form you can fill in to ‘demand that press intimidation cease immediately and that all charges be dropped’. Your message will be delivered from the freepress website to:

  • St. Paul Mayor Chris Coleman
  • Ramsey County Attorney Susan Gaertner
  • St. Paul City Attorney John Choi
  • Host Committee of the Republican National Convention suggests this text:

Dear [Decision Maker],

I strongly condemn the arrests and harassment of journalists covering the Republican National Convention. We call upon St. Paul officials to free all detained journalists and drop all charges against them. These include arrests made during police raids in the days prior to the convention and, on Sept 1, of Associated Press photographer Matt Rourke, Democracy Now! anchor Amy Goodman and her two colleagues Sharif Abdel Kouddous and Nicole Salazar.

Independent journalists have been targeted, pepper-sprayed and held at gunpoint during these raids. We call on the mayor and local authorities to rein in these aggressive and violent tactics.

Arresting and detaining journalists for doing their jobs is a gross violation of free speech and freedom of the press. Journalists must be free to do their jobs without intimidation.