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4 April 2011

“Arab Spring”

Oliver Kearns on has drawn my attention to a powerfully multimodal critique of the narrative of the “Arab spring” that the mainstream news has been following. Swamppost‘s dynamic map highlights the truly global range of protest. North Africa and the Middle East are there. And so is – by mid-February – South Korea, the USA, the UK, and a long stretch along the eastern coast of Africa.


My point in highlighting this is not necessarily to argue that all protests happening across the world should be understood as developing as part of a homogeneous protest wave – each protest movement has its own particular dynamics and reasons for evolving the way it has. What I am arguing is that the public narrative of an Arab Spring excludes much of the world’s population both from public attention and concern and from discussion of what meaningful political change might look like and how it can be supported by people in other places.

14 September 2008

Civil Society in Russia

Russian civil society was out in force today, protesting at the removal of South Park and the possible closing of the TV channel 2×2. (Thanks to Marco for the tip.)

Целью организаторов акции было привлечь внимание общественности к требованиям прокуратуры снять с эфира сериал “Южный парк” и возможному закрытию телеканала “2х2” под давлением религиозных организаций. Кенни, персонаж “Южного парка”, стал символом борьбы граждан за любимый мультфильм.